Firearm Parts and Accessories 

Updated 09/14/2023
Anti Walk PinsRise ArmamentN/A$15
AK-47/74 FurnitureHogue Soft Rubber HandguardsN/A$45
AR-15 Repair KitTPS Quick Repair Kit, SPrings and PinsN/A$18.50.
AR15 Stock and GripHogue Beaver Tail and Grip, CollapsibleN/A$65
Back Up SightRearN/A$45
Back Up SightFrontN/A$40
BCGFaxon5.56/300 BLK$250
Buffer KitAero Precision Buffer, Buffer Tube, Buffer SpringN/A$65
ButtpadRemington Supercell Recoil PadN/A$20
Castle NutErgo MilspecN/A$6
Gas Block ARErgo 750 Low ProN/A$26
Gas Block ARDH Gas Blow BackN/A$30
GripHogue Rubber Redhawk GripN/A$15
GripPachmayr Glock Full Size Rubber GripN/A$12
GripPachmayr GlockCompact Rubber GripN/A$12
GripXD Rubber GripN/A$12
GripHogue Black Rubber Pocket SizeN/A$15
GripHogue Monogrip GP100N/A$25
GripHogue Springfield XD9 Rubber GripN/A$12
GripPearce Rubber Grip 1911N/A$15
Grip Screws1911 Industries Grip Screws and BushingsN/A$25
Guide TubeAro-Tech Glock Titanium 20/21N/A$30
FrameP320C FDEN/A$125
Lower Parts KitAnderson, Trigger Kit and GripN/A$75
Lower Parts KitAR-15 MilspecN/A$95
Mag ReleaseAro-Tech Glock Mag Release 17/19/22N/A$25
MOS PlateGlock MOS Adapter Plate SetN/A$50
Muzzle DeviceST D35.56.$60
Muzzle DeviceR2 Brake.308.$75
Optic MountTrijicon MRON/A$40
Pistol BraceSB Tactical SBM4 FDEN/A$125
Pistol BraceSB Tactical SBM4 BLKN/A$125
Pistol BraceSB Tactical SBA4 FDEN/A$125
Pistol BraceSB Tactical SBA3 BLKN/A$125
Pistol BraceSB Tactical SBPDW FDEN/A$250
Flashlight MountProMag Offset MountN/A$25
SaddleTacstar Side Saddle12 GA$40
SightsS&W M&P Shield AmerigloN/A$60
SightsGlock 17/19/22N/A$110
SightsTroy Front SightN/A$65
SightsTruGlo Walther PPSN/A$120
SightsTruGlo Ruger LC9SN/A$80
SightsXS Sights S&W M&P ShieldN/A$100
SightsXS Sights S&W M&P FS/CPT ORGN/A$100
SightsAro-Tech Glock Ghost Ring and Front SightN/A$60
Slide ReleaseAro-Tech Glock Slide Release G17N/A$30
SlingViking Tac Sling BLKN/A$45
Snap CapsGlock Brand9mm$15
Snap CapsGlock Brand40 S&W$15
Snap CapsGlock Brand45 ACP$15
Snap CapsPachmayr Brand.22 LR$12
Snap CapsA-Zoom380 Auto$18
Snap CapsA-Zoom38 Special$20
Snap CapsA-Zoom10mm Auto$15
Snap CapsA-Zoom357 Sig$15
Snap CapsA-Zoom45 Colt$20
Snap CapsA-Zoom44 Special$20
Snap CapsA-Zoom6.5 Creemoor$15
Snap CapsA-Zoom308$10
Snap CapsA-Zoom303 British$12
Snap CapsA-Zoom12 GA$12
Snap CapsA-Zoom20 GA$10
Take Down PinsExtended AR PinsN/A$30
Take Down PinsExtended AR PinsN/A$30
Trigger ARCMC Curved AR-15/10 2lb set, 2lb releaseN/A$225
Trigger ARCMC Flat AR-15/10 3.5lb pullN/A$175
Trigger ARCMC Curved AR-15/10 3.5lb pullN/A$165
Trigger ARCMC Curved AR9 3.5lb pull9mm$165
Trigger ARCMC Flat AR-15/10 2lb set, 2lb releaseN/A$225
Trigger ARCMC Flat AR-15/10 1lb set, 3lb releaseN/A$235
Trigger KitApex M&P Shield Duty Carry KitN/A$90
Trigger KitApex M&P Shield 2.0 Duty/Carry KitN/A$160
Trigger KitApex M&P Competition Spring KitN/A$25
Trigger KitApex M&P9/40 Action Enhancement Duty/Carry Kit9mm, 40$120
Trigger KitApex M&P Shield Aluminum Action Ehancement TriggerN/A$75
Trigger KitApex Duty/Carry M&P Shield 4545ACP$90
Trigger KitApex Action Ehancement Trigger M&P Shield 4545ACP$75
Trigger KitApex SD Polymer Action Enhancement TriggerN/A$40
Trigger KitApex SD Spring KitN/A$20
Trigger KitApex M&P Duty/Carry Spring KitN/A$20
Trigger KitApex Ultimate Safety PlungerN/A$18
Trigger KitApex Flat Advanced Trigger Sig P320N/A$50
Trigger KitApex Action Ehancement KitN/A$55
Mag LoaderUplula AR15/M4 and VariantsN/A$30
Mag LoaderUplula T12 and X12 Pistol Mag LaoderN/A$20
Mag LoaderUplula Universal Pistol Mag Loader (purple)N/A$35
Mag LoaderUplula Universal Pistol Mag Loader (green)N/A$35
Mag LoaderUplula Universal Pistol Mag Loader (red and blue)N/A$35
Mag LoaderUplula Universal Pistol Mag Loader (orange)N/A$35
Mag LoaderUplula Universal Mag Loader (yellow)N/A$35
Mag LoaderUplula .22 Mag Loader (pink).22 LR$35






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