Updated 04/24/2024
17 WIn Super MagWinchester25gr 2600 FPS50rd Box$30
17 Mach 2Hornady17gr V-MAX50rd Box$14
17 HMRCCI17gr Poly Tip 2550FPS50rd Box$20
22 ShortCCI27gr Copper Plated HP 1105 FPS100rd BoxOut of Stock
22 QuietCCI40gr Lead Round Nose50rd Box$8
22LRCCIStinger 32gr Varmint50rd BoxOut of Stock
22LRCCI40gr CPRN Mini-Mags500rd Box$50
22LRCCIQuiet 40gr Segmented50rd Box$13.50.
22WMRCCI40gr Maxi-Mag Varmint50rd Box$19
22WMRHornady30gr50rd Box$20
22LRWinchester M-2240gr 1255 FPS Target and Plinking500rd Box$50

Centerfire Pistol

Updated 05/13/2024
22 TCMArmscorJHP 40gr50rd Box$32
5.7x28Federal40gr FMJ50rd Box$42
5.7x28FN40gr V-MAX50rd Box$38
7.62 NagantPPU98gr FPJ50rd Box$28
30 Super CarryBlazer115gr FMJ50rd Box$32
30 Super CarryFederal100gr HST-HP20rd Box$35
32 S&W LongMagtech98gr LWC50rd Box$35
25 AutoPMC50gr FMJ50rd Box$30
25 AutoHornady35gr XTP25rd Box$30
32 AutoPMC71gr FMJ50rd Box$30
32 AutoPMC60gr JHP50rd Box$30
38 S&WPPULRN 145gr50rd Box$35
32 H&R MagBullseye96gr Cowboy Load50rd Box$45
380 AutoPMC90gr FMJ50rd Box$28
380 AutoHornady Critical Defense80gr FTX25rd Box$32
380 AutoLiberty Defense50gr 1500 fps20rd Box$40
9mmRemington115gr FMJ50rd Box$22
9mmLiberty Defense72gr 1720 fps20rd Box$40
9mmLiberty Defense50gr 2040 fps20rd Box$40
9mmHornady Critical Defense115gr FTX25rd Box$32
9mmHornady American Gunner124gr XTP25rd Box$28
9mmHornady Critical Duty135gr Flex Lock25rd Box$32
9mmHornady Drit Def Light100gr FTX25rd Box$30
9mmWinchester115gr FMJ200rd Box$80
9mmRemington115gr FMJ500rd Case$185
38 SpecialFederal110gr JHP20rd Box$32
38 SpecialPMC132 FMJ50rd Box$30
38 SpecialLiberty50gr Hollow Points20rd Box$40
38 SpecialRepublic158gr FMJ-FP1000rd Box$565
38 Super +pPMC130gr FMJ1000rd Box$625
357 MagPMC158gr JSP50rd Box$40
357 MagLiberty50gr Hollow Points20rd Box$45
357 MagHSM Bear Load180gr Lead RNFP Gas Check50rd Box$65
9mm MakarovPPU93gr FMJ50rd Box$35
10mm AutoFederal180gr FMJ50rd Box$30
40 S&WRemington155gr JHP50rd Box$45
40 S&WPMC165gr FMJ50rd Box$28
40 S&WPMC180gr FMJ50rd Box$26
40 S&WCCI IND180gr FMJ500rd Box$250
44 Rem MagPMC180gr JHP25rd Box$40
44 Rem MagPMC240gr TCSP25rd Box$42
45ACPHornady American Gunner185gr XTP20rd Box$30
45ACPLiberty78gr 1900 FPS20rd Box$45
45ACPPMC230gr FMJ1000rd Case$500
45ACPCCI IND230gr FMJ500rd Box$285
45 ColtLiberty78gr HP20rd Box$46
45 ColtBullseye250gr LRNFP50rd Box$45

Centerfire Rifle

Updated 04/24/2024
223 RemFiocchi69gr BTHP20rd Box$22
223 RemFiocchi77gr BTHP20rd Box$23
5.56PMC X-TAC55gr FMJ-BT20rd Box$15
5.56WinchesterM855 62gr FMJ-GT150rd Box$175
5.56WinchesterM855 62gr FMJ-GT600rd Case$600
5.56PPUM193 FMJ BT1000rd Can$675
6.5 CreedmoorHornady American Whitetail129gr Interlock20rd Box$32
6.5 CreedmoorHornady Match140gr ELD-M20rd Box$42
6.5 CreedmoorHornady Match140gr ELD-M200rd Box$400
6.5 CreedmoorHornady Match143gr ELD-X200rd Box$495
6.5 CreedmoorHornady Precision Hunter143gr ELD-X20rd Box$52
6.5 CreedmoorHornady Match140 gr ELD-M100rd Case$215
6.5 CreemoorHornady Precision Hunter143gr ELD-X100rd Case$255
6.5x55 SwedishPPU139gr FMJ-BT20rd Box$33
270 WinPPU150gr SP20rd Box$34
6.8mm SPCS&B110gr FMJ20rd Box$30
7mm MauserPPU139gr SP20rd Box$30
7.5x55 SwissPPU174 gr FMJ BT20rd Box$35
30 CarbinePPU110gr FMJ RN50rd Box$45
300 BlackoutPPU125gr FMJ20rd Box$21
30-30 WinPPU150gr FSP20rd Box$35
308 WinHornady American Whitetail165gr Interlock20rd Box$32
308 WinHornady American Whitetail150gr Interlock20rd Box$32
308 WinPMC X-Tac147gr FMJ-BT20rd Box$26
30-06Remington150gr Core-Lokt Tipped20rd Box$45
30-06Federal Fusion150gr BSP20rd Box$38
30-06Greek HXP Ball M2Greek HXP Ball M220rd Box$45
30-06PPU150gr FMJ, For M1 Garand20rd Box$33
300 Win MagFederal150gr Jacketed Soft Point20rd box$42
7.62x39Barnaul123gr FMJ700rd Spam Can$425
7.62x39Wolf123gr FMJ20rd Box$16.50.
8x57 JSS&B196gr FMJ20rd Box$38
303 BritishSurplus with Stripper Clips5rd Stripper Clip$12
303 BritishPPU174gr FMJ-BT20rd Box$35
7.62x54RPPU182gr FMJ BT20rd Bag$33
8mm MauserYugoslavian Surplus in Box15rd Box$20
350 LegendWinchester145gr FMJ20rd Box$18
444 MarlinHornady265gr FTX20rd Box$55
450 BushmasterHornady Custom250gr FTX20rd Box$40
450 BushmasterHornady Black250gr FTX20rd Box$45
45-70Hornady Leverevolution250gr Monoflex20rd Box$60
50 BMGHornady750gr A-Max10rd Box$90
50 BMGPMC660gr FMJ-BT10rd Box$50

Shot Shells

Updated 04/24/2024
12 GAFederal 3rd Degree#5/6/7 3.5"5rd Box$35
12 GARemington AccuTip385gr Sabot Slug5rd Box$25.00
12 GARemington2 3/4" #8 Shot250rd Case$100.00
12 GAFiocchiRubber Baton10rd Box$25
12 GAFiocchi1 1/8oz #7.5 Shot250rd Case$100
12 GAHornady300gr SST Slug5rd Box$20
12 GAWinchesterHV Steel Shot 2 3/4 #625rd Box$17
12 GAWinchester00 Buck 2 3/4"5rd Box$8
12 GARio1 1/8oz Slugs, Low Recoil80rd Case$90
12 GARio00 Buckshot80rd Case$85
12 GAPPU00 Buckshot10rd Box$12
20 GARemingtonAccutip 2 3/4"5rd Box$35
20 GABrowningTSS Turkey 3" #7/9 Shot5rd Box$38.50.
20 GARemington#3 Buckshot5rd Box$10
20 GAWinchesterDouble-X Turkey Load 3" #5 Shot10rd Box$20
20 GAWinchester3/4oz Slug5rd Box$8
28 GAFederal Upland Steel#6 Shot25rd Box$20
28 GABrenneke5/8oz Slug5rd Box$16.50




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