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New Handguns

Updated 05/18/2024
Beretta92FS9mm$710x3 Mags
BerettaM9A4 G9mm$1,1005.1" Barrel
BerettaM9A4 Centurion9mmOut of Stock4.8" Barrel
Bond ArmsMARW45 Colt/ 410$310
CanikSFX Rival9mm$650x2 Mags, Holster
CanikMETE MCS9mm$450x2 Mags, Holster
CanikMETE SFX9mm$550x2 Mags, Holster
ColtGov't "CS"45 ACP$1,000Case, 1 Mag
ColtKing Cobra357 Mag$1,0004" Barrel
FN5.7 MRD5.7x28$1,160Black
FN5.7 MRD5.7x28$1,160FDE
H&KVP9 OD Frame9mm$775x2 Mags
H&KVP9 FDE Frame9mm$775x2 Mags
H&KVP9 Grey Frame, Grey Camo Slide9mm$800x2 Mags
H&KVP99mmOut of Stockx2 Mags
H&KVP9 w/ Holosun9mmOut of Stockx2 Mags
H&KP30S9mm$800x2 Mags, Glow Sights
H&K45C45 ACP$800
MossbergMC2C9mm$475Black Slide, x2 Mags
Rock Island ArmoryM1911 A145 ACP$5003.5"
RugerMK IV Lite22LR$675x2 Mags
RugerMK IV Target22LR$600x2 Mags
RugerMK IV Hunter22LR$850x2 Mags
RugerLCR38 Special$6001.875" Barrel
RugerLCR327 Fed Mag$7001.875" Barrel
RugerLCR9mm$7001.875" Barrel
RugerLCR357 Mag$7251.875" Barrel
RugerLCRX357 Mag$7251.875" Barrel
RugerLCR-X22 Mag$6253" Barrel
RugerLCR-X22 LR$6003" Barrel
RugerSR191110mm$1,100x2 Mags
RugerSR19119mm$1,100x2 Mags, 3.6" Barrel
RugerSR19119mm$1,000x2 Mags, 4.25" Barrel
RugerSR191145 ACP$1,000x2 Mags
RugerSR191145 ACP$1,050x2 Mags
RugerSR191145 ACP$1,0005" x2 Mags
RugerSR2222LROut of StockBlack
RugerSR2222LR$500Alloy Slide
RugerSR2222LR$550Long Slide
RugerSecurity-380380 Auto$360x2 Mags
RugerGP-100357 Mag$850Stainless, 3" Barrel
RugerGP-100357 Mag$865Stainless 4.2" Barrel
RugerGP-100357 Mag$825Black, 4.2" Barrel
RugerGP-100357 Mag$865Stainless, 6" Barrel
RugerGP-100357 Mag$825Black, 6" Barrel
RugerSP101357 Mag$7752.25" Barrel
RugerSP101357 Mag$7753" Barrel
RugerSingle Ten22LR$800Stainless, Wood Grips
RugerSuper Wrangler22LR/ 22 Mag$285Both Cylinders
RugerVaquero357 Mag$925Black
RugerVaquero357 Mag$950Stainless Steel High Gloss
RugerVaquero45 Colt$925Stainless Steel High Gloss
SeecampLWS 3232 ACP$600
Shadow SystemsMR920 Elite9mm$1,300FDE, x2 Mags, W/ Holosun HS507C X2 BLK
Sig Sauer1911 STX45 ACPOut of Stock
Sig SauerP365 Custom Works FCU9mm$375
Sig SauerP320 Custom Works FCU9mm$375
Sig SauerP365380 Auto$550
Sig SauerP3659mm$550x2 Mags
Sig SauerP365XL9mm$675x2 Mags
Sig SauerP365 Rose Edition9mm$1,000x2 Mags, VaulTek Safe, Dummy Rounds, Mag Loader, Custom Box
Sig SauerP320C9mm$600
Sig SauerM179mm$675x3 Mags
Sig SauerM189mm$675x3 Mags
Sig SauerP226 MK259mm$1,200
Sig SauerP9389mmOut of Stock
Sig SauerP938 Legion9mmOut of Stock
Sig SauerP320 X-Five Legion9mmOut of Stock
Smith and WessonBG380380 AutoOut of Stock
Smith and Wesson25-1545 Colt$1,150
Smith and Wesson29-1044 Magnum$1,350Engraved with Display Case
Smith and Wesson60-15357 Mag$820
Smith and Wesson44238 Special +p$535
Smith and Wesson64238 Special +p$535
Smith and Wesson63738 Special +p$625Wood Grip
Smith and Wesson351 PD22 MagOut of Stock
Smith and Wesson66-8 Combat Magnum357 Mag$940
Smith and Wesson66-8 Combat Magnum357 Mag$940
Smith and Wesson686-6 Plus357 Mag$9502.5" Barrel
Smith and Wesson686-6 Plus357 Mag$9603" Barrel
Smith and Wesson686-6 Plus357 Mag$9604" Barrel
Smith and Wesson9299mm$1,4008 Shot, 6.5" Barrel
Smith and WessonShield 4545 ACP$510x2 Mags
Smith and WessonGovernor45 Colt, 410Out of StockBlack
Smith and WessonGovernor45 Colt, 410$925Stainless
Springfield ArmoryXD 4545 ACP$550Range Bag Package
Springfield Armory1911 Milspec45 ACP$800Stainless
Springfield Armory1911 Milspec45 ACP$700Black
Springfield ArmoryHellcat Gear Up9mm$625Gear Up Kit Inlcudes Range Bag, x5 Mags
TaurusG3CP9mm$525Red Dot Sight, x2 Mags
WaltherQ5 Match9mm$1,000x3 Mags

Used Handguns

Updated 05/13/2024
AMTBack Up45 ACP$4007 Mags
Auto Ordnance1911A145 ACP$450Box, 1 Mag
Beretta19519mm$5001 Mag, C&R OK
Beretta84FS Cheetah380 Auto$5001 Mag
Beretta92FS9mm$50010rd Mag
Beretta92FS Inox9mm$700Box, x2 10rd Mags
Bond ArmsSnake Slayer45 Colt/ 410$650Box, 45 ACP Barrel, 357 Mag/38 Special Barrel, Holster
ColtDetective Special38 Special$650Bobbed Hammer
Deutsche Werk ErfurtOrtgies32 ACP$400No Mag
FEG CAIP9R9mm$700x1 Preban Mag, It's a Hi Power Clone
FN509 Tac9mm$750Holosun, PMM Break, 2 Mags, Holster
FNHM2732 ACP$650Post War
Glock19 Gen 29mm$900x2 U Notch Mags
Glock19 Gen 29mm$700Custom Coated Slide, 10rd Mag
Glock19 Gen 29mm$75010rd Mag
Glock17 Gen 29mm$900Box, Extra Barrel, Square Notch Mag
Glock17 Gen 29mm$700DC Police, Case, 10rd Mag
Glock17 Gen 29mm$1,200Case, x3 Preban U Notch Mags, Manual, Loader
Glock17 Gen 29mm$950Box, x2 U Notch Mags
Glock17 Gen 29mm$750DC Matro PD Issued, 10rd Mag
Glock17 Gen 29mm$650Accepts G19 Mags, Covert Cut
Glock17 Gen 29mm$1,100Accepts G19 Mags, Covert Cut
Glcok20 Gen 210mm$9001 U Notch Mag
Glock22 Gen 240 S&W$550Case, 10rd Mag
Glock22 Gen 240 S&W$65010rd Mag
Glock22 Gen 240 S&W$55010rd Mag
Glock22 Gen 240 S&W$600Box, x1 10rd Mag
Glock23 Gen 240 S&W$600Case, 10rd Mag
Glock23 Gen40 S&W$6501 Square Notch Mag
Glock23 Gen 2357 Sig$550Yes it was converted to 357 Sig
Glock24 RARE "C" Model40 S&W$1,10010rd Mag
Glock26 Gen 29mm$70010rd MAg
HKVP99mm$600FDE Frame, Box, x3 Mags
HKVP99mm$525x2 Mags
HK45C45 ACP$700Case, x2 Mags
Interarms MauserParabellum9mm$2,200NOS, 1970's American Eagle Luger
Remington RandM1911A145 ACP$1,300Colt Slide, Refinshed, Frame Dated 1944, Target Sights, x1 Mag
RugerNM Blavkhawk41 Magnum$700
RugerSR2222LR$450FDE Cerakote Slide, x3 Mags
RugerMatch Champion GP100MC357 Mag$950Box, x2 Speed Loaders
Sig SauerP22045 ACP$750x4 Mags
Sig SauerP2269mm$700West German
Smith and Wesson617-622 LR$70010 Shot
Smith and WessonEZ PC380 Auto$475Box, x2 Mags
Smith and Wesson17-322 LR$750Hogue Grip
Smith and Wesson29-344 Mag$1,600Wood Grips
Smith and WessonM&P9 Compact9mm$375Case, x4 Mags, Holster
Smith and WessonM&P 99mm$325x3 10 rd Mags
Smith and WessonM&P 99mm$500Range Kit Case
Smith and WessonM&P 99mm$350Case, x2 Mags, Unfired?
Springfield ArmoryHellcat9mm$600"Gear Up" 5 Mags, Two Bags






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